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MYS.4.642      (CHJ)

IP-MAT 0 吾妹兒爾 * IP-ARG IP-ADV IP-ADV IP-ADV PP-OB1 NP N L050290 N L050020 LOG wagimo N L050028 LOG kwo P-CASE-DAT L000519 PHON ni 1 戀而乱者 * VB-GER L030731A LOG kwopwite VB-CND L031692A LOG midareba 2 久流部寸二 * PP-GOL-OB1 NP N L051349 PHON kurubeki P-CASE-DAT L000519 PHON ni 3 懸而縁与 * VB-GER L030443A LOG kakete VB-ADC VB-STM L031872A LOG yose VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu COP-INF L031968 LOG to 4 余戀始 * PP-SBJ NP PRO-N L042057 LOG wa P-CASE-GEN L000503 NLOG ga VB-ADN VB-STM L030731A LOG kwopwi VB-STM L030982A LOG some VAX-SPST-ADN L000015 LOG si * wagimo kwo ni * kwopwite midareba * kurubeki ni * kakete yose mu to * wa ga kwopwi some si