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247 aozora_Edogawa-1929

CP-FINAL IP-SUB NP-SBJ *speaker* CONJ soshite PU , PP NP PP NP N mimi P-ROLE no N soko P-ROLE ni PP-OB1 NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* NP-PRD IP-EMB ADVP ADJN dorodoro AX to PP-SBJ NP N taiko P-ROLE no VB nat P-CONN te VB2 iru N yoo AX na N oto P-ROLE ga VB kikoe P-CONN te VB2 iru FN no AX desu P-FINAL yo PU . *speaker* soshite , mimi no soko ni *T* dorodoro to taiko no nat te iru yoo na oto ga kikoe te iru no desu yo .