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IP-MAT NP-SBJ *speaker* PP-OB1 NP IP-REL NP-OB1 *T* NP-SBJ *speaker+pro* PP NP N kinniku P-ROLE ni VB hodokoshi AXD ta N hoohoo P-ROLE o VB o-mise VB0 shi AX masu *speaker* *T* *speaker+pro* kinniku ni hodokoshi ta hoohoo o o-mise shi masu IP-MAT PP-SBJ NP PRO kore P-OPTR wa PP-OB1 NP PP NP CONJP NP PP NP N kin-soshiki P-ROLE no Q ichibu P-CONN to NP D sono N koozoo P-ROLE no N tsukuri-kata P-ROLE o VB shimeshi P-CONN te VB2 i AX masu kore wa kin-soshiki no ichibu to sono koozoo no tsukuri-kata o shimeshi te i masu IP-MAT NP-SBJ *speaker+pro* IP-ADV-CONJ PP-TMP NP IP-EMB PP-OB1 NP N saiboo P-ROLE o IP-ADV-CONJ VB toridashi VB fuyashi AXD ta N ato P-ROLE ni PP-OB1 NP N saiboo P-ROLE o PP NP N honegumi P-ROLE ni VB nose PP-OB1 NP D sono N honegumi P-ROLE o PP NP PP NP N kanja P-ROLE no N karada P-ROLE ni VB modoshi AX masu *speaker+pro* saiboo o toridashi fuyashi ta ato ni saiboo o honegumi ni nose sono honegumi o kanja no karada ni modoshi masu