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IP-MAT PP-CONJ IP-ADV IP-ADV-CONJ PP-SBJ NP NPR shirakawa P-OPTR wa PU , PP NP IP-EMB PP-OB1 NP PP NP NPR toba P-ROLE no NUMCLP NUM dai-ichi CL ooji PRN PUL LRB NP NPR sutoku-tennoo PUR RRB P-ROLE o PP NP N kooi P-ROLE ni VB tsuke AXD ta N ato P-ROLE ni VB bosshi PU , PP-SBJ NP NPR toba P-ROLE ga PP NP IP-EMB PP-OB1 NP N insei P-ROLE o VB shiku N koto P-ROLE to VB nat AXD ta P-CONN ga PU , PP-SBJ NP NPR toba P-OPTR wa IP-ADV-CONJ PP-OB1 NP NPR sutoku P-ROLE o VB utonji PU , PP-CZZ NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* NP-PRD NUMCLP NUM dai-kyuu CL ooji AX de VB2 aru NPR konoe-tennoo PRN PUL LRB NP PRN NP N haha PU , NPR fujiwarano-tokushi PUR RRB P-ROLE e PP-OB1 NP N kooi P-ROLE o VB tsuga VB2 se AXD ta PRN PUL LRB IP-MAT NP-OB1 *pro* PP-TMP NP N konoe-botsugo P-OPTR wa PP-SBJ NP PP NP D sono N ani P-ROLE no NPR goshirakawa-tennoo PRN PUL LRB NP PRN NP N haha PU , NPR fujiwara-shooshi PUR RRB P-ROLE ga VB tsui AXD da PUR RRB PU . shirakawa wa , toba no dai-ichi ooji LRB sutoku-tennoo RRB o kooi ni tsuke ta ato ni bosshi , toba ga insei o shiku koto to nat ta ga , toba wa sutoku o utonji , *T* dai-kyuu ooji de aru konoe-tennoo LRB haha , fujiwarano-tokushi RRB e kooi o tsuga se ta LRB *pro* konoe-botsugo wa sono ani no goshirakawa-tennoo LRB haha , fujiwara-shooshi RRB ga tsui da RRB .