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1 MYS.1.65      (ONCOJ)

CP-EXL IP-SUB NP-SBJ *speaker* NP-OB1 NP-GEN IP-RTC NP-SBJ N arare VB-RTK utu N arare N matubara PP-CONJ-CONCESSIVE-REALIS IP-ADV PP NP† PP NP NPR suminoye P-ROLE no NML CONJP NP N otopi NP N wotomye P-ROLE to VB2-IZK mire P-CONN do VB-MZK aka AX-RTK nu P-FOC ka P-OPTR mo *speaker* arare utu arare matubara suminoye no otopi wotomye to mire do aka nu ka mo