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MYS.10.1876      (CHJ)

IP-MAT 0 朝霞 * IP-ADV IP-EPT MK L099999 N N L050139 LOG asa N L090183 LOG kasumi 1 春日之晩者 * PP-SBJ NP N L050450 N L051724 LOG paru N L050090 LOG pi P-CASE-GEN L000520 LOG no VB-CND L030668A LOG kureba 2 従木間 * PP-OB1 NP IP-REL PP-ADV NP PP NP N L050003B LOG ko P-CASE-GEN L000520 NLOG no N L050095 LOG ma P-CASE-ABL L000540A LOG ywori 3 移歴月乎 * VB-ADC L030276A LOG uturo PHON pu N L050004A LOG tukwi P-CASE-ACC L000534 PHON wo 4 何時可将待 * IP-ADV NP-PRD WH-ADV L042014 LOG itu P-COMP L000530 NLOG to P-FOC L000506 PHON ka VB-ADC VB-STM L031644A LOG mata VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu * asa kasumi * paru pi no kureba * ko no ma ywori * uturo pu tukwi wo * itu to ka mata mu