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CP-FINAL IP-SUB 0 遥PO等 * PP NP IP-REL IP-ADV PP NP N L090461 ADJ-STM L007008A LOG topo N L050120 LOG tuma P-CASE-COM L000529 PHON to 1 手枕易 * NP-SBJ N L090275 N L050012B LOG ta N L050016 LOG makura VB-GER L030511A LOG kapete 2 寐夜 * VB-ADN L030817A PFX L000040 LOG sa VB-ADN L031342A LOG nuru N L050039 LOG ywo P-TOP L000522 NLOG pa 3 鶏音莫動 * PP NP N L051184 LOG kakye P-TOP L000522 NLOG pa VB CFX-PHB L000037 LOG na VB-STM L031267A LOG naki CFX-PHB L000037 LOG so 4 明者雖明 * IP-ADV IP-ADV VB-CND L030022A LOG akeba VB-CLS VB-STM L030022A LOG ake VAX-PRF-CLS L000018 NLOG nu P-CONN L000531 LOG tomo * topo tuma to * ta makura kapete * sa nuru ywo pa * kakye pa na naki so * akeba ake nu tomo