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MYS.10.2050      (CHJ)

IP-MAT 0 明日従者 * PP-ADV NP N L050864 LOG asu P-CASE-ABL L000540A LOG ywori P-TOP L000522 LOG pa 1 吾玉床乎 * IP-ADV PP-OB1 NP PP NP PRO-N L042057 LOG wa P-CASE-GEN L000503 NLOG ga N N L052078 LOG tama N L052148 LOG toko P-CASE-ACC L000534 PHON wo 2 打拂 * VB-INF PFX-MPH L000043 LOG uti VB-INF L031451A LOG parapi 3 公常不宿 * IP-ADV PP-ADV NP N L004266 LOG kimi P-CASE-COM L000529 PHON to P-TOP L000522 LOG pa IP-ADV VB-IFC VB-STM L030185A N L050103 LOG i VB-STM L031342A LOG ne VAX-NEG-IFC L000006A LOG zu 4 孤可母寐 * PP-ADV NP N NUM L002001 LOG pito CL L002016 LOG ri P-FNL-MPH L000507 PHON kamo VB-ADC VB-STM L031342A LOG ne VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu * asu ywori pa * wa ga tama toko wo * uti parapi * kimi to pa i ne zu * pito ri kamo ne mu