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MYS.11.2588      (CHJ)

CP-FINAL IP-SUB 0 夕去者 * NP-PRD IP-REL IP-ADV IP-ADV VB-PRV L031851A N L050087 LOG yupu VB-PRV L030841A LOG sareba 1 公來座跡 * NP-SBJ N L004266 LOG kimi VB-ADC VB-STM L030612A LOG ki VB-STM L030206A LOG masa VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu P-COMP L000530 PHON to 2 待夜之 * VB-ADN VB-STM L031644A LOG mati VAX-SPST-ADN L000015 LOG si PP NP N L050039 LOG ywo P-CASE-GEN L000520 LOG no 3 名凝衣今 * N L051567 LOG nagori P-FOC L000527 PHON so IP-NMZ PP-ADV NP N L004025 LOG ima P-TOP L000514 NLOG mo 4 宿不勝爲 * IP-ADV VB-INF VB-STM L030185A N L050103 LOG i VB-STM L031342A LOG ne VB-STM L030495A LOG kate VAX-NEG-INF L000006A LOG ni VB-ADN L030919A LOG suru * yupu sareba * kimi ki masa mu to * mati si ywo no * nagori so ima mo * i ne kate ni suru