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MYS.3.237      (CHJ)

multi-sentence IP-MAT 0 不聴雖謂 * IP-ADV IP-ARG NP-PRD N L004063 LOG ina P-COMP L000530 NLOG to VB-CSS L030199A LOG ipedo 1 語礼々々常 * IP-ADV IP-ARG VB-IMP L030492A LOG kata PHON re VB-IMP L030492A LOG kata PHON re P-COMP L000530 PHON to 2 詔許曽 * VB-EXC VB-STM L031391A LOG nora VAX-RSP-EXC L000009 LOG se P-FOC L000510 PHON koso 3 志斐伊波奏 * PP-SBJ NP PEN L090228 PHON sipwi P-CASE-NOM L000505 PHON i P-TOP L000522 PHON pa VB-EXC L031678A LOG mawose 4 強語登言 * IP-MAT IP-ARG PP NP N N-DVB L030895B LOG sipwi N-DVB L030492B LOG katari P-COMP L000530 PHON to VB-ADC L031391A LOG noru * ina to ipedo * kata re kata re to * nora se koso * sipwi i pa mawose * sipwi katari to noru