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MYS.4.513      (CHJ)

IP-MAT 0 大原之 * PP-OB1 NP IP-REL IP-ADV NP-PRD PP NP N ADJ-STM L007009A LOG opo N L051723 LOG para P-CASE-GEN L000520 LOG no 1 此市柴乃 * PP NP PRO-N L042029 LOG ko P-CASE-GEN L000520 NLOG no N L051147 LOG itusiba COP-ADI L031965 PHON no 2 何時鹿跡 * IP-ARG PP NP WH-ADV L042014 LOG itu P-RES L000526A PHON si P-FOC L000506 PHON ka P-COMP L000530 PHON to 3 吾念妹爾 * PP-SBJ NP PRO-N L042057 LOG wa P-CASE-GEN L000503 NLOG ga VB-ADC L030399A LOG omopu N L050027 LOG imo P-CASE-DAT L000519 PHON ni 4 今夜相有香裳 * NP-ADV N L051320 PRO-N L042029 LOG ko N L052415 LOG yopi VB-ADN VB-STM L030071A LOG ap VAX-STV-ADN L000024 LOG yeru P-FNL-MPH L000507 PHON kamo * opo para no * ko no itusiba no * itu si ka to * wa ga omopu imo ni * ko yopi ap yeru kamo