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MYS.4.739      (CHJ)

IP-MAT 0 後湍山 * IP-ADV IP-ARG NP-ZYO N PLN L090267 PHON notise N L050034 LOG yama 1 後毛将相常 * PP NP N-KKE L004087A LOG noti P-TOP L000514 PHON mo VB-ADC VB-STM L030071A LOG apa VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu P-COMP L000530 PHON to 2 念社 * VB-EXC L030399A LOG omope P-FOC L000510 LOG koso 3 可死物乎 * IP-ADV VB-CLS L030883A LOG sinu XTN-ADN XTN L000801 LOG be ACP-ADN L000033 LOG ki P-CONN L000516 LOG mono PHON wo 4 至今日毛生有 * PP NP N L051388 LOG kyepu P-RES L000512A LOG made P-TOP L000514 PHON mo VB-EXC VB-STM L030146A LOG ik VAX-STV-EXC L000024 LOG yere * notise yama * noti mo apa mu to * omope koso * sinu be ki mono wo * kyepu made mo ik yere