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IP-MAT 0 求食為跡 * IP-ADV IP-ADV VB-INF L030033A PHON asari VB-CLS L030919A LOG su P-COMP L000530 PHON to 1 礒二住鶴 * NP-SBJ IP-REL PP NP N L050104 LOG iswo P-CASE-DAT L000519 PHON ni VB-ADC L030950A LOG sumu N L052059 LOG tadu 2 暁去者 * NP N-DVB L030022B LOG ake VB-PRV L031840A LOG yukeba 3 濱風寒弥 * IP-ADV NP-SBJ N N L051709 LOG pama N L050008A LOG kaze ADJ-INF ADJ-STM L007159B LOG samu ACP-INF L000034 PHON mi 4 自妻喚毛 * NP-OB1 N L050710 PRO-N L042074 LOG ono N L050120 LOG duma VB-ADC L031880A LOG ywobu P-TOP L000514 PHON mo * asari su to * iswo ni sumu tadu * ake yukeba * pama kaze samu mi * ono duma ywobu mo