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IP-MAT 0 河内女之 * IP-ARG IP-ADV IP-ADV PP-OB1 NP PP NP N N L051214 PHON kaputi N L050132 LOG mye P-CASE-GEN L000520 LOG no 1 手染之絲乎 * N N L050012A LOG te N-DVB L030981B LOG zome COP-ADI L031965 LOG no N L090044 LOG ito P-CASE-ACC L000534 PHON wo 2 絡反 * VB-INF L030665A VB-STM L030667A LOG kuri VB-INF L030515A LOG kapyesi 3 片絲爾雖有 * NP-PRD N ADJ-STM L090031A LOG kata N L090044 LOG ito COP-INF L031965 PHON ni VB-CSS L030125A LOG aredo 4 将絶跡念也 * VB-ADC VB-STM L031090A LOG taye VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu P-COMP L000530 PHON to VB-EXC L030399A LOG omope P-FOC L000537 PHON ya * kaputi mye no * te zome no ito wo * kuri kapyesi * kata ito ni aredo * taye mu to omope ya