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MYS.8.1427      (CHJ)

IP-MAT 0 従明日者 * PP NP IP-REL IP-ADV PP NP N L050864 LOG asu P-CASE-ABL L000540A LOG ywori P-TOP L000522 LOG pa 1 春菜将採跡 * NP-SBJ N ADJ-STM L007209 LOG waka N L050067 LOG na VB-ADC VB-STM L031178A LOG tuma VAX-CJR-ADC L000002 LOG mu P-CONN L000541 PHON to 2 標之野爾 * VB-ADN VB-STM L030905A LOG sime VAX-SPST-ADN L000015 PHON si N L051650 LOG nwo P-CASE-DAT L000519 PHON ni 3 昨日毛今日母 * PP NP N L051268 LOG kinopu P-TOP L000514 PHON mo PP NP N L051388 LOG kyepu P-TOP L000514 PHON mo 4 雪波布利管 * PP-SBJ NP N L050075 LOG yuki P-TOP L000522 PHON pa VB-CTT L031559A PHON puritutu * asu ywori pa * waka na tuma mu to * sime si nwo ni * kinopu mo kyepu mo * yuki pa puritutu