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5 aozora_Chiri-1956-2

IP-MAT NP-SBJ† *ind* NP-PRD CP-THT IP-SUB NP-OB1 *pro* PP-SBJ NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* PP-OB1 NP IP-EMB NP-SBJ† *pro* ADVP ADJN tootoo AX to PP-MSR NP NUMCLP WNUM nan CL jikan P-OPTR ka PU , PP NP N ainu-go P-ROLE de PP ADVP ADV perapera P-ROLE to PP-OB1 NP N sekkyoo P-ROLE o VB suru N no P-ROLE o PU , NP-ADV IP-EMB NP-SBJ *pro* PP ADVP ADV pokan P-ROLE to PP-OB1 NP N kuchi P-ROLE o VB hirai AXD ta N mama PU , IP-ADV-CONJ PP NP N akke P-ROLE ni VB tora PASS re P-CONN te VB kii P-CONN te VB2 i AXD ta N ainu-tachi P-OPTR wa PU , PP-CND IP-ADV PP-SBJ NP PP NP PP NP† N hakase P-ROLE no IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* ADJI nagai IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* ADJI nagai N ainu-go P-ROLE no N sekkyoo P-ROLE ga VB owaru P-CONN to PU , IP-ADV-CONJ NP-OB1 *pro* VB kantan VB0 shi P-CONN te VB it AXD ta P-COMP to-iu N koto AX de VB2 ari AX masu PU . *ind* *pro* *T* *pro* tootoo to nan jikan ka , ainu-go de perapera to sekkyoo o suru no o , *pro* pokan to kuchi o hirai ta mama , akke ni tora re te kii te i ta ainu-tachi wa , hakase no *T* nagai *T* nagai ainu-go no sekkyoo ga owaru to , *pro* kantan shi te it ta to-iu koto de ari masu .