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78 aozora_Edogawa-1929

FRAG PP IP-ADV CONJ to-it-te PU , PP-SBJ NP PRO watashi P-OPTR wa PP-OB1 NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* PP-OB1 NP D sono IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* -LRB- ADJN kimyoo -RRB- AX na N ten P-ROLE o PP ADVP ADV hakkiri P-ROLE to VB setsumei VB0 suru N kotoba P-ROLE o VB mota NEG nu FN no AX da P-CONN ga PU . to-it-te , watashi wa *T* sono *T* ‘ kimyoo ’ na ten o hakkiri to setsumei suru kotoba o mota nu no da ga .