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80 aozora_Edogawa-1929

IP-MAT NP-LGS *pro* IP-ADV-CONJ PP NP PP NP N hidarite P-ROLE no N zenpoo P-ROLE ni P-OPTR wa PU , PP ADVP ADV sumi-kuroguro P-ROLE to PP-SBJ NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* ADJN bu-saiku AX na IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* ADJN shoin-fuu AX no N mado P-ROLE ga VB egaka PASS re PU , PP-SBJ NP PP NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* ADJN onaji AX * N iro P-ROLE no N fuzukue P-ROLE ga PU , PP NP D sono N katawara P-ROLE ni PP NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* PP-OB1 NP N kakudo P-ROLE o VB mushi VB0 shi AX ta N egaki-kata P-ROLE de PU , VB sue P-CONN te PASS * VB2 at AXD ta PU . *pro* hidarite no zenpoo ni wa , sumi-kuroguro to *T* bu-saiku na *T* shoin-fuu no mado ga egaka re , *T* onaji * iro no fuzukue ga , sono katawara ni *T* kakudo o mushi shi ta egaki-kata de , sue te * at ta .