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107 aozora_Miyazawa-1934

IP-MAT PP-SCON-CND IP-ADV PP-SBJ NP NUMCLP NUM yon CL nensei P-ROLE ga VB aruki-dasu P-CONN to PP-SBJ NP PP NP N sakki P-ROLE no N ko P-OPTR mo IP-ADV-CONJ PP NP PP NP NPR kasuke P-ROLE no N ato P-ROLE e VB tsui P-CONN te PP NP N ooibari P-ROLE de VB arui P-CONN te VB2 iki AX mashi AXD ta PU . yon nensei ga aruki-dasu to sakki no ko mo kasuke no ato e tsui te ooibari de arui te iki mashi ta .