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217 aozora_Miyazawa-1934

IP-MAT PP-SBJ NP NPR ichiroo P-OPTR wa PP NP PRO soko P-ROLE de IP-ADV-CONJ IP-ADV-CONJ PP-SCON IP-ADV IP-ADV-CONJ IP-ADV-CONJ IP-ADV-CONJ PP NP PP NP N tetsuboo P-ROLE no N shita P-ROLE e VB it P-CONN te PU , PP NP PP NP N ja-mi-agari P-ROLE to-iu N yari-kata P-ROLE de PU , PP ADVP ADV muriyari P-ROLE ni PP NP PP NP N tetsuboo P-ROLE no N ue P-ROLE ni VB nobori PP-OB1 NP Q ryooude P-ROLE o ADVP ADV dandan VB yose P-CONN te PP NP PP NP N migi P-ROLE no N udegi P-ROLE ni VB iku P-CONN to PU , PP NP PRO soko P-ROLE e VB koshikake P-CONN te PP-OB1 NP IP-EMB NP-TMP N kinoo PP-SBJ NP NPR saburoo P-ROLE no VB it AXD ta N hoo P-ROLE o ADVP ADV jitto VB mioroshi P-CONN te VB mat P-CONN te VB2 i AX mashi AXD ta PU . ichiroo wa soko de tetsuboo no shita e it te , ja-mi-agari to-iu yari-kata de , muriyari ni tetsuboo no ue ni nobori ryooude o dandan yose te migi no udegi ni iku to , soko e koshikake te kinoo saburoo no it ta hoo o jitto mioroshi te mat te i mashi ta .