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630 aozora_Miyazawa-1934

IP-MAT PP NP PP NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* PP NP N tabako-batake P-ROLE kara PP ADVP ADV moo-moo P-ROLE to VB agaru N yuge P-ROLE no N mukoo P-ROLE de PU , PP-SBJ NP D sono N ie P-OPTR wa IP-ADV-CONJ ADVP-CMPL ADV shiinto VB shi P-CONN te NP-PRD IP-EMB NP-SBJ WPRO dare P-OPTR mo VB i AXD ta N yoo AX de P-OPTR wa VB2 ari AX mase NEG n AX deshi AXD ta PU . *T* tabako-batake kara moo-moo to agaru yuge no mukoo de , sono ie wa shiinto shi te dare mo i ta yoo de wa ari mase n deshi ta .