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IP-MAT PP-TMP NP† D sono N koro P-OPTR wa PP-SBJ NP† IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* NP-PRD CONJP NP N chuusotsu P-CONN to NP N koosotsu AX no PP NP† N seizoo-gyoo P-ROLE no N roodoo-sha P-OPTR wa PP NP -LRB- PP NP N kin P-ROLE no N tamago -RRB- P-ROLE to VB yoba PASS re P-CONN te VB2 i AX mashi AXD ta PU . sono koro wa *T* chuusotsu to koosotsu no seizoo-gyoo no roodoo-sha wa ‘ kin no tamago ’ to yoba re te i mashi ta .