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59 news_KAHOKU_42

IP-MAT NP-SBJ *pro* NP-OB1 *pro* IP-ADV-CONJ IP-ADV-CONJ NP-SBJ *pro* NP-TMP NUMCLP NUM san CL gatsu NUMCLP NUM nano CL ka NP-PRD N hitchaku AX de PP-ADV NP PP NP N oobo-sha-tasuu P-ROLE no N baai P-OPTR wa IP-SMC NP-PRD N chuusen AX to VB shi PU , IP-SMC PP NP PP NP N chookoo-ken P-ROLE no N hassoo P-ROLE o-mot-te NP-PRD N happyoo AX to VB shi AX masu PU . *pro* *pro* *pro* san gatsu nano ka hitchaku de oobo-sha-tasuu no baai wa chuusen to shi , chookoo-ken no hassoo o-mot-te happyoo to shi masu .