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127 ted_talk_1

IP-MAT NP-SBJ *pro* CONJ sore-de IP-ADV-CND NP-SBJ *arb* PP-OB1 NP D kono N boo-kei P-ROLE o VB tsukae P-CONN ba PP-CONJ IP-ADV NP-SBJ *hearer* NP-OB1 *pro* VB o-wakari P-OPTR ka-mo MD VB shire AX mase NEG n P-CONN ga PU - IP-ADV-CONJ PP-SBJ NP PRO kore P-OPTR wa NP-PRD N shika AX de PU , IP-ADV-CONJ PP-CONJ IP-ADV NP-SBJ *pro* NP-PRD N edazuno AX desu P-CONN ga PU - PP-CND IP-ADV NP-SBJ *arb* IP-ADV-CONJ PP-SBJ NP D kono N orime P-ROLE ga VB e PASS rare IP-ADV-SCON PP-OB1 NP D sono N orime P-ROLE o IP-SMC NP-PRD N moto AX ni PP-OB1 NP N tensen P-ROLE o VB ot P-CONN te VB2 iku P-CONN to PP-SBJ NP -LRB- N beesu -RRB- P-ROLE ga VB deki P-CONN te PU , PP-CND IP-ADV NP-SBJ *arb* NP-OB1 *pro* ADVP ADV sarani VB henkei VB0 suru P-CONN to IP-SMC NP-PRD N shika AX ni VB nari AX masu *pro* sore-de *arb* kono boo-kei o tsukae ba *hearer* *pro* o-wakari ka-mo shire mase n ga - kore wa shika de , *pro* edazuno desu ga - *arb* kono orime ga e rare sono orime o moto ni tensen o ot te iku to ‘ beesu ’ ga deki te , *arb* *pro* sarani henkei suru to shika ni nari masu