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24 ted_talk_1

IP-MAT PP-SCON-CND IP-ADV NP-SBJ *speaker* IP-ADV-CONJ PP-OB1 NP PP NP PP NP NPR suuzan__cdot__-burakku-moa P-ROLE no N tooku P-ROLE no N kotoba P-ROLE o VB kae P-CONN te NP-OB1 *pro* VB iu P-CONN to PP-SBJ NP PRO wareware P-OPTR wa PU , PP-OB1 NP PP NP PP NP CONJP NP N iden P-CONN to NP N sentaku P-ROLE ni-yoru N joohoo-dentatsu P-ROLE no N shudan P-ROLE o VB e AXD ta FN no AX desu *speaker* suuzan__cdot__-burakku-moa no tooku no kotoba o kae te *pro* iu to wareware wa , iden to sentaku ni-yoru joohoo-dentatsu no shudan o e ta no desu