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IP-MAT NP-SBJ *arb* PP-OB1 NP IP-EMB NP-OB1 WD donna N pataan P-OPTR mo IP-ADV-SCON PP-SBJ NP IP-REL NP-SBJ *T* ADJN onaji AX * N iro P-ROLE ga VB rinsetsu VB0 se NEG zu-ni PP NP NUMCLP NUM ni CL shoku P-ROLE ni VB nuriwakeru N koto P-ROLE ga VB deki AX masu *arb* donna pataan mo *T* onaji * iro ga rinsetsu se zu-ni ni shoku ni nuriwakeru koto ga deki masu IP-MAT PP NP WD dono N chooten P-ROLE de P-OPTR mo PU , PP-SBJ NP PRN NP PP NP N orime P-ROLE no N hookoo NML CONJP NP PP NP N yamaori P-ROLE no N kazu P-CONN to NP PP NP N taniori P-ROLE no N kazu P-OPTR wa ADVP ADV kanarazu PP-SBJ2 NP N sa P-ROLE ga IP-SMC NP-PRD NUMCLP NUM ni AX ni VB nari AX masu dono chooten de mo , orime no hookoo yamaori no kazu to taniori no kazu wa kanarazu sa ga ni ni nari masu