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IP-MAT NP-SBJ *speaker* CP-THT-OB1 CP-IMP IP-SUB NP-SBJ *speaker* ADVP ADV aete PP-OB2 NP PP NP N sensei P-ROLE no N riron P-ROLE ni PP-OB1 NP N igi P-ROLE o VB tonae P-CONN te VB2 mi AX yoo P-COMP to VB omou PU . *speaker* *speaker* aete sensei no riron ni igi o tonae te mi yoo to omou . IP-MAT IP-ADV-SCON-CND NP-SBJ *speaker* ADVP ADV aete VB ie P-CONN ba PP-SBJ NP PP NP PRO anata P-ROLE no N kangae P-OPTR wa NP-PRD PP NP N kijoo P-ROLE no N kuuron AX da PU . *speaker* aete ie ba anata no kangae wa kijoo no kuuron da .