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45 wikipedia_KYOTO_13

IP-MAT PP-SBJ NP PP NP PP NP† *pro* P-ROLE *no* N fumoto P-ROLE no NPR kyooto-fu NPR ooe-choo PRN -LRB- LRB NP NPR kyooto-fu -RRB- RRB PRN -LRB- LRB NP NPR gen__cdot__-fukuchiyama-shi -RRB- RRB P-OPTR wa PU , PP NP PP NP -LRB- PP NP† N oni P-ROLE no N sato -RRB- P-ROLE to P-ROLE no N machiokoshi P-ROLE de ADJN yuumei PU . *pro* *no* fumoto no kyooto-fu ooe-choo LRB kyooto-fu RRB LRB gen__cdot__-fukuchiyama-shi RRB wa , ‘ oni no sato ’ to no machiokoshi de yuumei .