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47 wikipedia_KYOTO_19

IP-MAT PP-SBJ NP N ruuto P-OPTR wa IP-ADV-SCON PP-OB1 NP PP NP NPR oote-suji P-ROLE no N shita P-ROLE o VB toori PU , IP-SMC PP-PRD NP PP NP PP NP NPR keihan-honsen P-ROLE no NML CONJP NP NPR chuusho-jima-eki P-CONN to NP NPR yodo-eki P-ROLE no N aida-fukin P-ROLE made AX to VB nat P-CONN te VB2 iru PU . ruuto wa oote-suji no shita o toori , keihan-honsen no chuusho-jima-eki to yodo-eki no aida-fukin made to nat te iru .