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32 wikipedia_KYOTO_4

IP-MAT PP-SBJ NP PP NP NPR kamakura P-ROLE de P-ROLE no N kyooka-kikan P-OPTR wa PP-CONJ IP-ADV NP-PRD NUMCLP NUM hantoshi CL kan AX de VB2 at AXD ta P-CONN ga PU , PP-CMPL NP PP NP PP NP NPR kantoo P-ROLE ni-oke-ru N junsui-zen-kooryuu P-ROLE no N kooshi P-ROLE to VB nat AXD ta PU . kamakura de no kyooka-kikan wa hantoshi kan de at ta ga , kantoo ni-oke-ru junsui-zen-kooryuu no kooshi to nat ta .