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73 wikipedia_KYOTO_9

IP-MAT NP-SBJ† *pro* IP-ADV-CONJ PP NP N nochi P-ROLE ni PP NP NPR edo P-ROLE ni PP-OB1 NP N honkyo P-ROLE o VB utsushi PU , PP NP PP NP NPR edo-bakufu P-ROLE no N go-yoo-eshi P-ROLE to-shi-te PU , PP-OB1 NP PP NP PP NP N gadan P-ROLE ni-oke-ru NPR kanoo-ha P-ROLE no N chii P-ROLE o ADVP ADV masumasu IP-SMC NP-PRD PP NP N fudoo P-ROLE no N mono AX to VB shi AXD ta PU . *pro* nochi ni edo ni honkyo o utsushi , edo-bakufu no go-yoo-eshi to-shi-te , gadan ni-oke-ru kanoo-ha no chii o masumasu fudoo no mono to shi ta .