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A click on “Part-of-speech” or “Phrase” of the right side pane opens a list of tags. A second click closes the tag list.

Clicking on a listed tag triggers a search, with returned results shown in the main window, listed in groups of up to twenty five entries. Each entry has highlighted portions corresponding to the focus of the invoked search pattern. Immediately following each entry is a link to the tree for that entry in the form of the ID number of that entry. Following the link opens a tree view for the result, with highlighted nodes corresponding to the focus of the search. When appropriate, there is a forward link for moving to the next twenty five results, and a backwards link for moving back.

In addition, the results window includes an open text area containing the pattern for the search. This gives the opportunity to see and also edit the search query. Clicking the “Submit” button re-submits the possibly edited search.